18 www.equipmentreview.ca EQUIPMENT REVIEW EMCO Waterworks supplies projects with Social and Economic impact EMCO Waterworks When you consider that irrigated land is fifty-percent more productive than non-irrigated land, water can be seen as a source of wealth creation. One has only to look to a drought or a flood to see that water can also be an incredible destructive force. One meter and greater diameter PVC pipe has seen increasing use in Alberta and Saskatchewan, specifically in storm water and irrigation applications. EMCO Waterworks has been at the forefront of this with the Women’s Coulee Diversion project taking place outside of High River, AB, The Malloy Drain project in Coaldale, AB, and a Riverhurst Irrigation District project in Saskatchewan. The Riverhurst Irrigation District project focuses on helping farmers increase productivity, while both the Women’s Coulee Rehabilitation and the Malloy Drain projects were designed to mitigate flood waterdangers and damages. By Keegan Lemieux, EMCO Waterworks The Malloy Drain Project Malloy Drain’s rehabilitation took into consideration the flooding events around Coaldale that occurred in 1995, 2002, 2005, 2010, and 2014. It was clear that the overland drainage was not adequate and that the existing combination of irrigation works, constructed drains, roadside ditches, and storm ponds needed to be looked at for a solution. A conversation between the Town of Coaldale, the County of Lethbridge and Saint Mary’s River Irrigation District began after the 2002 flooding event. Phase 1 included the upgrade of 5300 meters of drain and replacement of existing canal structures. Phase 2A involved the creation of a storm pond where large diameter IPEX pipe was supplied by EMCO Waterworks to be used in the construction of headwall structures.