8 www.equipmentreview.ca EQUIPMENT REVIEW With the introduction of the SMA 110P Crash Cushion install to North America, higher safety standards are now available at a lower cost than current crash cushions on the market today. In 2017, ATS Traffic Install teams completed the first successful North American installation of SMA 110P Crash Cushions in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The reduced cost of using the SMA crash cushion allows cities to install more units at a time without extensive budget restraints. Using this product, it is now possible to replace an entire damaged unit at a lower cost than repairing it. The unique nose design can reduce repair costs by $1500 per impact. The manufacturer (Industry A.M.S.) is currently having more items tested for the latest MASH crash rating. We are eagerly awaiting the MASH approval for the T4 end terminal. Once approved, it will change the way we look at guardrail end treatments in terms of safety, ingenuity and cost savings. Features SMA 110P units come fully assembled rather than in kits, which ensures they are installed to the manufacturer’s specifications and perform with the optimal safety standards. Product installation can be modified based on different needs and requirements. The SMA Crash Cushions can be installed: •  On concrete bases using bushes and bolts welded to the metallic wire; •  On concrete bases using chemical anchors; •  On asphalt using concrete anchors. If the unit is damaged due to impact, it can be repaired on-site in an average of 30 minutes or less. NFC Technology All SMA units also come equipped with NFC chips, which can store manuals and inventory management tools. The NFC tag is a small black cap attached to all SMA devices with a unique serial number. This chip stores information, history and product specifications for that specific device. Using a mobile app on a Smartphone, owners can trace the history, specifications, repair and restoration procedures, spare part information and quick request orders for spare parts for all SMA devices in the palm of their hand. Benefits •  Crash-rated by both European and American standards, with additional crash testing including: •  Test at 130 km/h with vehicle mass of 1400 kg; •  Test at 100 km/h with instrumented dummy onboard to calculate biomechanical parameters •  Higher safety standards at a lower cost than Canadian industry standard •  Compact size compared to industry standard, with advantages for occupied space inside the containers (12 units in a 40-foot container) •  Manufacturer guarantees less probability of impact due to reduced size •  Steel nose is durable and reduces maintenance costs by up to $1500 per impact •  Economic pricing allows for more installs, which equals more lives saved on our roads •  Warranty period of 20 years from the date of installation without impact •  Global endorsement, with use in countries across the world including Asia, the United Kingdom, Romania, Norway and more Testimonials “Safetyverse has installed the Safety Modular Absorber (SMA) Crash Cushion manufactured by Industry A.M.S. for both public sector and private sector clients in both Malaysia and Thailand… our customers find the SMA attractive for the following reasons: 1.  The steel nose is durable and reduces maintenance costs; 2.  The short length (for any given speed) means fewer nuisance impacts; 3.  Locked absorber panels make the unit virtually vandal-proof; and 4.  The economical price enables crash cushions to be installed at more locations which help to save even more lives.” -Patrick K. Clancey, Director – Business Development Safetyverse, Southeast Asia If you’d like to know more about SMA Crash Cushions or other Crash Attenuation products, contact ATS Traffic's Crash Attenuation Solutions Specialist – Kyle Hirschkorn at 604.883.3561, or: KyleH@atstraffic.ca