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“Fibrelite’s composite covers and panels offer municipalities and utilities faced with the high costs of occupational injuries a legitimate alternative to heavy cast iron, steel and concrete products”. 

Now available from Accu-Flo Meter Service is the Fibrelite range of underground enclosures. Fibrelite (a division of OPW, a Dover Company) manufactures the widest range of composite manhole and access covers on the market today with over 30 sizes of covers and composite trench panels. Fibrelite also provides a wide range of fiberglass underground enclosures that are designed to integrate with its line of watertight covers allowing for a completely watertight solution.

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Fibrelite’s composite covers and panels offer municipalities and utilities faced with the high costs of occupational injuries a legitimate alternative to heavy cast iron, steel and concrete products. According to Fibrelite its composite manhole cover will provide the same load bearing capability as a similarly sized cast iron cover at 1/3 of the weight.  Fibrelite’s composite trench panels can also provide the same load bearing capability as an equivalently sized steel or concrete panel at less than 20% of the weight. By reducing the weight of manhole covers and trench panels to a manageable level, workers can safely remove and replace them thereby significantly reducing the threat of bodily injury. Back injuries, crushed fingers and toes are just a few of the most common injuries caused by traditional steel and cast iron covers. For this reason, Fibrelite has specifically engineered its composite covers for safer manual handling.

While all of Fibrelite’s “Standard Duty” and “Heavy Duty” covers and panels can support vehicle loading, Fibrelite’s 36” and 30” diameter composite manhole covers have successfully passed load testing for H20/H25 highway load ratings for manhole covers.  In testing performed at Lancaster University, the FL90 and FL760 composite covers were found to be in compliance with the load testing standards for manhole covers and castings as set forth by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  While the design of Fibrelite’s composite covers makes them ideally suited for areas trafficked by cars, trucks and larger vehicles such as mining trucks and even airplanes, they are also available in lighter duty versions for areas that experience only pedestrian or light vehicle traffic.

Accu-Flo Fibrelite 3Accu-Flo Fibrelite 4Fibrelite’s composite cover and panel products are applicable for use in highly corrosive environments such as sewer systems, wastewater treatment plants and any areas where salt is used for melting ice (sidewalks, parking lots and vehicle service areas).  They will not conduct heat or electrical charges and are therefore ideal for steam and electrical transmission lines. Finally, Fibrelite’s composite covers are not affected by extreme temperatures and can be used in temperatures ranging from 400˚ F to -40° F with minimal loss of strength.

Founded on a tradition of quality and innovation, Fibrelite has been at the forefront of composite technology since 1980. The very first composite manhole cover was designed by Fibrelite as a prototype for Esso UK, to eliminate health and safety issues associated with traditional metal covers.

Today, Fibrelite is established as a leading world player in its specialist field, with a global reputation for high quality products and superior after sales service. Fibrelite prides itself on continued investment in new product development and providing customer specific solutions for clients worldwide. Its manufacturing flexibility enables the production of standard or customized products. Fibrelite’s dedicated product development team is continually working with customers, developing new products designed to fit their individual needs.

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