Polar Mobility and Sy-Klone – Master Solutions Providers in Canada

Introducing XLR Powered
Pre-cleaner for Engines
– 99.99% Efficient!

By Ian Duiven, Polar Mobility Research

Do you have problems with engine filters plugging? How about the cost and aggravation of changing costly filters far too often?

Sy-Klone’s ‘eXtremely Low Restriction’ – Powered engine pre-cleaner system is truly revolutionary. The extraordinary XLR engine air pre-cleaner offers unprecedented levels of pre-cleaning in the most severe agriculture and industrial dust environments proving that it is 99.99% efficient on ISO fine test dust. Not only does it perform in the lab, but hundreds of happy customers worldwide are boasting of incredible performance along with outstanding financial reward. The Powered XLR dramatically extends service intervals on intake filtration by never putting dust on the primary engine filter.

1. Debris-laden air enters the precleaner.
2. The motor whips the air into a vortex with the debris riding along the outer walls.
3. Debris is ejected from the precleaner.
4. The clean air in the center of the system is then pushed through the filter with very low restriction.
5. The filter and housing are self-cleaning as debris falls off the filter and is then ejected from the housing.

Polar XLR

“Our customers tell us that when filter maintenance takes place in the field where dust migrates into the turbocharger, dusted engines are the result. If you use the XLR Powered Pre-cleaner you can eliminate the need to change your filters in the field ever again!  The XLR is the greatest advancement in pre-cleaning technology since the invention of the oil bath pre-cleaner in the 1940’s. Sy-Klone produced an amazing pre-cleaner for the most extreme dust/dirt environments which shows that they hear the ‘Voice of the Customer’–which is asking for real-world solutions, not dusted engines.” stated J. Moredock, VP for Sales and Marketing for Sy-Klone.

Field tests of the XLR Powered Pre-cleaner are impressive. Intake system service intervals (engine filter life) have been extended 10x to 30x in extreme environments. When you remove 99.99% of the fine dust before the engine filter, filter life and engine life are both benefited dramatically. The XLR Powered Pre-cleaner is available in different configurations, featuring 12-volt and 24-volt motor models and adaptable to any engine size.

For machines running in any type of extremely dusty locations or applications, Polar can help with the right solution for your job requirements.

Environments that XLR is currently a fantastic solution: landfill compactors, indoor waste and recycling facilities, indoor silica sand operations, cement plants, rock crushing facilities, underground mining applications, Potash operations, salt mine environments, cattle, combining and other agricultural operations…the list is endless… If you have a dust problem in your engine or cab of your truck/machine, it’s time to call Polar.

What are the secrets of our success? Instead of using the power of the engine to draw air through our pre-cleaner, our brushless fan motor pushes air through our filtration system, reducing restriction on your engine, ejecting the dirt back out to the atmosphere and providing cooler, clean air to the engine.


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