Project Profile: EMCO Waterworks

ZCL Tanks Provide the Solution for ATCO/Siemens Project

ZCL Fibreglass Tanks

“…making the logistics of electrical transmission a reality for Albertans.”

By Chad Placsko, Water Management Specialist, EMCO Waterworks, Calgary

With sustainable power consumption on the rise, ATCO and Siemens have teamed up to meet this ever growing demand. The Newell ATCO site near Brooks, Alberta has been a beehive of activity this year creating a convertor station that changes AC power to DC power, making the logistics of electrical transmission a reality for Albertans.

The project itself was an exciting challenge for the owners, the engineers working on the system, and the contractor that was hired to make this plan a reality. As the location of the site was remote, each aspect of the project needed to be calculated carefully. EMCO Waterworks in Calgary was charged with the responsibility to “Project Manage” the purchasing and supply of most of the project items required, including twelve large ZCL Fiberglass tanks. ZCL tanks were chosen for a variety of reasons. They are watertight, lightweight, easy to install, and corrosion resistant. ZCL’s unique outside-in fabrication process and fully integrated rib structure result in tanks that can withstand the pressures of being submerged in water to grade while empty with simultaneous H-20 traffic loads. Being underground these tanks don’t take up valuable land space and eliminate concerns relating to frost and freezing. Unlike above-ground tanks that can create a negative visual impact, the ZCL tanks also make the property more aesthetically pleasing.

Seven of the ZCL tanks were used as part of the project’s fire suppression system – a holding tank system allowing for nearly a million liters of emergency and fire suppression water to be pumped through almost a kilometer of IPEX pipe. The system creates a fire loop that feeds eight separate hydrants. The largest of the tanks measures over 70 feet long and 10 feet in diameter. Using a trombone trailer, Spruce Valley Carriers transported the tanks which were delivered to the site and then craned into place. The tanks are connected through a header system that feeds a 16” pump that pressurizes the system, on standby and ready for usage as required. Two of the remaining five tanks were designed for both a potable water holding system and a centralized septic holding tank, and three of the tanks were designed to handle the septic drainage associated with individual buildings around the site.

ZCL Fibreglass Tanks innstallation The ZCL tanks are anchored to the ground with an engineered system of precast concrete anchors and specially fabricated fiberglass straps allowing them to stay in place after backfill, even when empty. The fourteen straps holding down the largest of the tanks are attached to the concrete anchors with turnbuckles. The tanks themselves are a single-walled design, fabricated with vents and “manways” to allow access and entry if needed. The grid of seven tanks is tied together with a header to equalize the levels as well as to drain them evenly if needed in an emergency.

Water is a growing concern for many projects such as this. The ability to be self-sufficient in this regard was of vital interest to ATCO and Siemens. The ZCL tanks allow each water-related step of this project to be maintained and sustained for years to come.

For more information on this project or the tanks shown, contact your local EMCO Waterworks location.