‘RUGBY’ Landscape Bodies and ‘NeuStar’ Gravel Boxes

Rugby Landscape Bodies

IMI Rugby

‘Eliminator’ LP

Rugby Manufacturing’s Eliminator LP Dump Body is an industry leader in Class 3-5. Featuring a sleek, streamlined style and designed for maximum durability, these units are available in 9’ to 12’ lengths with 12 and 17” side height options. Units come equipped with a sloped 1/4 cab shield that has a slotted viewing window. The patented EZ – LATCH system is also included for easy tailgate operation and maximum safety.

•  10 ga construction throughout on bodies with rigid sides, bodies with fold down sides have 12 ga sides
•  Fully boxed and tapered dirt-shedding top rail
•  LED lighting standard
•  Double-walled rigid sides with 6” vertical braces
•  Single-walled fold down sides with 6” vertical braces
•  Pockets for 6” side boards increase load capacity
•  Side design includes fully boxed 45° dirt shedding top rail and a 50° sloped bottom rail for a completely self-cleaning profile
•  Front body’s seamless one-piece design features triple bend top rails for long-term durability
•  Stacked understructure consisting of 5” structural long members overlaid with 3” structural I-beam crossmembers spaced 16” (12” optional) apart
•  1/4 cab shield with viewing window
•  Full height corner posts with rear surface sloped 6° aids in tailgate closing
•  Tailgate double walled panel design fabricated from 10 ga steel featuring fully boxed dirt-shedding top and bottom rails. Two vertical braces to provide additional strength and rigidity
•  Rugby products’ lighting locations have been designed to assist the installer in meeting FMVSS / CMVSS 108 requirements.

Body Options

2-3 & 3-4 Yard Rigid & Fold Down Side Carbon Steel:

•  Cabshields (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) Standard and Tall
•  7 gauge floor
•  Cross sills on 12” centers
•  Understructure Options: Stacked, Crossmemberless

Aluminum Side Assemblies available on 3-4 yard Fold Down Side model.

‘Eliminator’ LP Stainless Steel Body corrosion resistant and more durable

The stainless steel Eliminator LP is built with a one-piece floor, dirt shedding sides, a centrally located quick release lever, (fold down side models only) and the patented EZ-LATCH system. The unit is designed to provide many years of service.

Stainless Steel Eliminator LP – Rigid and Fold Down Sides

Body Options

•  Cabshields (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, Full) Standard and Tall
•  Understructure Options: Fully Stainless Steel, Interlaced, Crossmemberless
•  Entire exterior 201 #4 polished stainless steel
•  One-piece 3/16” AR400 crossmemberless steel floor
•  LED lighting standard
•  Pockets for 6” side boards increase load capacity
•  2-3 vertical braces per side
•  Factory-installed 1/4 cabshield
•  Rugby products’ lighting locations have been designed to assist the installer in     meeting FMVSS / CMVSS 108 requirements

RUGBY manufactures a complete range of landscape bodies, light dump bodies and medium and heavy-duty dump bodies. Bodies are available in steel, stainless steel and aluminum, depending on requirement. Contact Industrial Machine for details on landscape body options, and the extensive selection of available accessories.

NeuStar Gravel Boxes

Combining extensive trucking industry knowledge with innovative fabrication systems, NeuStar builds dump bodies and trailers that consistently over-deliver on customer expectations

Gravel Box Standard Features:

IMI Nuestar

•  Paint: Sandblasted, polyurethane primed, and painted with Axalta Imron Elite paint
•  Hydraulics: Standard 3 line wet kit, standard PTO, direct pump, 22 gallon oil tank
•  Welds: Solid seam welding (inside box & on sills) vs. stitch welds
•  Lighting: LED with sealed wire harness, red oval SST & white oval backup
•  Hoist: Mailhot nitrated 140 telescopic (20 – 30 T)
•  Tarp: Michel’s mesh aluminum flip tarp – black with hydra chain drive
•  Gravel Box Standard Features
•  Length 12″-22″
•  Width 96″
•  36″ side walls (double walled 10 gauge outside 10 gauge inside)
•  12″ spruce side boards (standard wall height 36+12 board 48″)
•  60″ front wall 10 gauge & cab shield
•  48″ three piece tailgate with full inside lined 3/16 AR400
•  3/16” floor AR400 (smooth under – no cross members)
•  Rear driver’s side steps

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