Accu-Flo ‘SmartCover’

‘SmartCover’ – Inflow and Infiltration Detection (IID), and for prevention and advanced notification of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO)

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“SmartCover enables you to actually look into the sewer network to see what’s going on.”
– Dave Henderson of XPV Water Partners appearing on Bloomberg News.

The SmartCover is a self-contained, wireless level monitoring system with immediate alarming and historical data logging capabilities.

One of the primary uses of the SmartCover system is the prevention and advanced notification of Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSO) and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO). This is achieved by continual monitoring of the water level within a collection system. When the water level rises above the customer predetermined threshold due to a constriction downstream or capacity issues, an alarm is sent directly to emergency response personnel.

This enables the customer to receive advance notice of an issue arising in the collection system so that corrective action can be taken before an overflow occurs. Alarm acknowledgement, alarm level thresholds and system status can be changed and viewed remotely via the SmartCover System’s secure web site. This award-winning monitoring system is a completely self-contained, turn-key solution developed specifically for the water and wastewater industry in close collaboration with industry leaders.

The SmartCover system was built to solve industry problems at high value and low burden. Providing completely reliable two way wireless communications, the system provides real-time continuous remote sensing, user-definable alarm settings, an easy-to-use web based interface, and long and short term data collection and analysis. Built to operate at sites that are environmentally difficult, have no power or communications, the SmartCover provides “instant infrastructure” – it can operate virtually anywhere in the world, installs in minutes and is on-line and ready for you immediately.

Unique features of SmartCover include:
• Satellite communications with extremely high reliability
• Data communication from anywhere on earth
• Easily attaches to any manhole or hatch
• No need for confined space entry to install or maintain
• Traffic rated antenna
• No nuisance alarms
• Integration of comprehensive data analysis software
• World Class customer service

Also available from SmartCover are the SmartFLOE, SmartTrend and SmartRain RD systems.

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Flow measurement is a valuable management metric for any open channel water conveyance system. However, conventional flow measurement methods can be expensive and complex, posing challenges with regard to reliability, data collection and ease of maintenance.

The SmartFLOE Flow Estimation System addresses these problems by providing a low-cost, low maintenance, high reliability method for remote flow measurement and communication. Using the core SmartCover technology for non-contact remote monitoring and global data communication, the advanced SmartFLOE algorithm provides ongoing real-time measurement of flow rate.

SmartTrend is a comprehensive software tool that enables users to anticipate overflow events at remote monitoring sites long before they occur.

SmartTrend automatically scans each site to analyze trends in the collection system. It determines conditions using advanced signal processing and pattern recognition and sends Advisories to users when a trend is discovered. Users have an advanced method available to identify future issues, including alarms for SSOs and CSOs, before they occur. It aids users and promotes advanced planning for maintenance and capital repairs.

Key benefits include:
• Operational costs are lowered with regular business hours response.
• Risks are eliminated by avoiding after hours emergency response.
• Managers and supervisors acquire a new tool to increase overall efficiency with fast and easy assessment of specific situations.

SmartRain RD
SmartRain RD is a new tool that integrates rain data with level or flow data in the collection system. For users of the SmartCover level monitor or the SmartFLOE flow monitor, rain data is acquired and presented in the user interface on a single display.

This data integration capability provides an easy method to view and understand the relationship of level or flow changes as affected by rain. It is particularly useful for studying Inflow and Infiltration (I&I), where it merges these two essential data streams and seamlessly characterizes I&I sources within the collection system.

The mission of SmartRain RD is to:
• Provide integrated rainfall and level/flow data in real-time
• Create a Profile of the Sewershed
• Identify I&I costly sources
• Provide easy, rapid, low cost deployment

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