Neptune’s Enhanced E-Coder )R900i

Accu-Flo Meter Service

“Protects and expands technology investments…”

Neptune designed the R900 system to make it easy for utilities regarding installation, everyday use, and expansion for the future without stranded assets. The E-Coder )R900i combination absolute encoder register/radio frequency meter interface unit (RF MIU) meets all of these requirements. Not only does it work with past generations of meters and meter reading systems, but seamless integration is built into this single-unit endpoint itself, providing two-way communications of advanced metering data. The E-Coder
)R900i’s interleaved mobile and high power fixed network messages allow for simple migration from walk-by to mobile to fixed network reading without site visits or reprogramming.

Streamlines operations and manages resources

In addition to eliminating the need for programming, the E-Coder )R900i  has no external wires, making installation easier, faster, and less costly; plus it reduces potential vandalism or tamper. As with the rest of the R900 system, the design of the system is intuitive and user-friendly so that minimal training is required for operation. It is designed to help manage time, labor, and other resources. The radio frequency transmission of the E-Coder )R900i can save utilities significant amounts of time in terms of both meter reading and billing, and provide flexibility to reallocate personnel to different tasks or departments depending on changing workforce needs.

Does more with detailed, actionable data

ACCU R9001 - GRAPHThe types of data utilities can generate through the E-Coder )R900i can take utilities beyond a simple meter reading for a monthly bill. Hourly consumption profile information over an account’s last 96 days, along with alerts for leak or backflow, help to proactively identify and resolve customer issues – heading off high bill complaints, reducing delinquent bill payments, and eliminating write-offs. Using N_SIGHT PLUS host software, utilities can leverage detailed data from the E-Coder )R900i to balance water produced versus water consumed, group accounts for ‘District Metered Area’ analysis, and track and manage ‘Non Revenue Water’. From increasing efficiencies to pinpointing possible tamper or water theft to aiding customer service, the data supplied by the E-Coder can help utilities make better, more confident decisions.

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