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EKOS – The Future of Fuel Management

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EKOS offers a complete, cloud-based fuel management platform that is fully integrated with all site equipment, fuel cards, drivers, vehicles, and associated systems. There is no other system that will allow users to buy, manage, and transact every drop of their fuel from a single source. The software portal allows users to track live market data such as real-time rack prices and market trends. Users can do everything from request quotes to placing the actual fuel orders through the software program. 

EKOS provides access to all the inventory tools needed, to make sure users always buy fuel at the right time and the right price. Orders can be placed from a cell phone, and the software system will send the order directly to the supplier. No other entity can offer the end-to-end capabilities on the fuel spectrum and its value to organizations, large and small, has been demonstrated repeatedly.

EKOS is the only system that provides software, modules, applications, and other cloud based tools to help users buy, manage and transact within the fleet fuel industry.

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To operate in the fleet environment, information is the key, and. Gasboy continues to lead fuel management innovation with the most advanced software choices for users needs. This newest software offers a cloud-hosted ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model, but it’s not just a fuel transaction tracker.

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Ultimate Buying Power: with the Bulk Fuel Module, users can request Fuel quotes for comparison, centralize fuel purchasing and reconciliation all in one system.

Total Network Support: Users can reduce the IT burden on their staff by allowing EKOS to host all of their data on secured servers. Technical support and user support is provided throughout the duration of a contract.

Reduce IT infrastructure cost: EKOS is a most technologically advanced software product allowing customers to utilize a fully cloud hosted or hybrid hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) model. This is especially ideal for customers looking to reduce IT infrastructure costs or not enough IT resources available.

Transaction Data at your fingertips: With EKOS, there is absolutely no need to poll equipment. No matter how many units users have in the field tracking transactions, EKOS will present all data in a single, consolidated view. Users can regain hours each week and rest assured knowing EKOS has them covered. EKOS gives customers confidence and control over their fuel management capabilities and provides unparalleled efficiency.

Automated and Custom Reporting: For centralized management, EKOS cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) consolidates the data from multiple sites and provides a real-time view of fuelling activity by site, or in various reporting options (both custom and ad-hoc).

Maximize Fleet Fuel Efficiency
  • Transactional Data at your finger tips
  • Fuel Inventory and Reconciliation ready to view
  • Data trends help reduce fuel theft and manage use
  • Request fuel quotes from suppliers in minutes
  • Buy Now: dispatch and manage fuel delivery in one place for all sites

EKOS Fuel Management Modules:

Fuel Site/Inventory Management:

EKOS can easily monitor and know the status of fleet equipment at a glance. By utilizing EKOS, Fleet Managers can efficiently and effectively monitor Fuel Sites and Inventory.

Bulk Fuel Management:

Easily order and dispatch bulk fuel for sites. The centralized document repository aides in reconciliation of bulk fuel orders and the ability to monitor bulk fuel quotes against a ‘Fair Fuel Index’.

Fleet Management:

Easily manage all aspect of your fleet – drivers, vehicles, cards, etc. Perform onsite and offsite transaction consolidation.


Keep your fuel site in compliance with the ability to keep and maintain all documentation in one, central repository.

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