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Denis Gourdeau appointed as new Business Development Manager – Western Canada Landscape and Irrigation

EMCO Irrigation Denis 2EMCO entered the Irrigation sector in 2006, when it purchased Van-Kel Irrigation of Kelowna, BC. Subsequently in 2007, EMCO expanded its irrigation business by acquiring the residential and commercial irrigation division of Oak Creek Golf & Turf Inc. From this beginning EMCO developed a network of branches in western Canada servicing the ‘Res-Com’ Irrigation Contractor market. Operating as both Van-Kel Irrigation and EMCO Irrigation, the company prides itself on having knowledgeable and dedicated irrigation staff on hand to meet contractor needs. EMCO and Van-Kel are proud distributors of Irritrol, Rain Bird, and Toro. 

EMCO Irrigation indian_wellsAs the 2019 irrigation season opens in Western Canada, EMCO has appointed Denis Gourdeau as Business Development Manager with the task of expanding the Company’s involvement in the irrigation and landscape markets.  

Denis comes to EMCO with over 30 years experience in the landscape and irrigation industry, most recently with The City of Calgary, as the Water Management Lead for the Parks Business Unit. In his role, Denis developed strategic plans for the conservation and use of landscape water, as well as irrigation guidelines and specifications for the City.

As the Water Management Lead, Denis was the supervisor of a team that included inspectors, project managers, data analysts, irrigation maintenance workers and Supervisory Command and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technicians. In the period between 1999 and 2017 Denis grew the Parks computer-controlled irrigation system from 100 sites to over 1,300 – making it the largest in the world.

EMCO is thrilled to have Denis on the team, working alongside teammates, contractors, and supply partners to enhance the west’s irrigation systems and landscapes.

EMCO Irrigation Drainage ProductEMCO is proud to add more high-quality irrigation and landscaping systems to its portfolio. The first addition is Cloudburst Misting Systems, which has applications in residential, hospitality, industrial, commercial and agricultural markets. The second is HYDROTEC Trench Drains, which are faster, easier, lighter to install and more robust than existing alternatives on the market and suitable for applications such as residential driveways, airports and heavy industrial. 

EMCO knows its customers value quality and design and caters to that by selling the finishing touches on all great projects. Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting offers creative designs, fully integrated systems, low voltage lighting fixtures, transformers, HUBs, HID bollards, LED lamps, wireless controls and accessories for lighting professionals. 

EMCO Irrigation res drip EMCO Irrigation stone wallIn addition, the Atlantic Water Gardens’ collection of pre-formed ponds, filters and skimmers designed for water gardens, lights, water walls, wall spouts, stainless steel weirs and spillway systems add the movement and colour of LED colour-changing lights and fountains to the outdoor living area. 

Complementing those two product lines is Basalite Concrete Products’ catalogue of structural block, interlocking paving stones,
wall systems, retaining walls, ornamental and garden products,
and a full range of packaged concrete/mortar products. 

The final piece to any great outdoor living space is tasteful high-quality furniture and fire tables. EMCO can source this from a number of Canadian suppliers including BUM Contract Furniture. 

EMCO is currently negotiating the rights to exclusively distribute within Canada a new robotic sprinkler that can uniformly distribute water on any regular or irregular shaped piece of turf. This smart head can automatically adjust the flow of water and thereby the distance that it throws. The head rotates in 1-degree increments and the internal processor calculates the position of the nozzle and the direction it is always pointing. Being machined out of billet aluminum it is extremely robust and vandal resistant. Multiple sprinklers communicate with each other via a Wi-Fi network built into the heads. The end-user provides the sprinkler head with the site information including the layout via a tablet. The most intuitive part of the InteliRain Head is the Wind Shift option which allows the sprinkler to adjust for the affects of wind on the water trajectory. At intervals of three seconds the system uses wind speed and direction information to adjust the distance the water is travelling and the angle the head is pointing in order to compensate for the water travelling with or against the wind thereby maintaining water application uniformity. The smart features of InteliRain’s products create far less site disturbance when they are retrofitted into an existing turf. In a soccer field application all that is required is a pipe loop around the perimeter and a single leg to centre field. On average, one InteliRain head is required for every seven conventional sprinkler heads.

EMCO Irrigation GC90 Intel Heads EMCO Irrigation Inteli 2000 V EMCO Irrigation Intel Coverage EMCO Irrigation Inteli Golf Course

EMCO believes in total customer satisfaction, always. This means employing the right team to do the right job for the right customer. EMCO is proud to announce its implementation of extensive in-house irrigation training based around approved Irrigation Association programs. EMCO wants all customers to get the correct product for the job and in this market that means educating clients on what the best solution is for their irrigation / landscaping developments. 

EMCO Irrigation and Van-Kel Irrigation across the West are looking forward to your next visit!