CUBEX – New Generation Compact Sweepers

‘MATHIEU’ MC 110 and MC 210 New Generation Compact Sweepers

Mathieu has more than 90 years experience in the sweeping business and is a leader in the manufacture of urban cleaning vehicles associated with roads, city centers, shopping malls, parks and gardens. Mathieu provides a solution perfectly adapted to every sweeping application.

MC 110 Extra-compact Sweeper

CUBEX Mathieu MC110 CUBEX Mathieu MC110 open


All the strength of this new compact sweeper is discreetly expressed in a multitude of fully integrated details on the rear side, such as square-shaped LED lights, water filling and cleaning functions as well as the suction hose leaves positioned in the compartment of the back door. Its exclusive character is also reflected in the quality of all its finishes and choice of materials. From all angles, the MC110 boasts a modern temperament with a perfect balance between its cab, its waste container and its large black rim 14 ‘’ diameter wheels.

The new compact MC110 sweeper has been designed to offer an ultra compact architecture combined with great agility, and allows the pick-up of waste in the narrowest places of public spaces, sidewalks, pedestrian zones, car parks and shopping centers.

Comfort and 360° vision

  • CUBEX Mathieu CabinAt the wheel, the operator dominates the environment and gains height for unmatched visibility thanks to an extra-low windshield, fully glazed doors with thin strips, panoramic mirrors, expansive rear view, Nozzle camera and a backup camera. The cabin is very ergonomic and offer a spacious driving position designed for all body types thanks to a generous volume of the passenger compartment and a wide range of adjustments of the seat, the steering column and the armrest right hand grouping all the functions of work.

Embedded technologies to make life easier

  • A 7’’ head-up color screen with neat and intuitive graphics for many services:
  • Real-time monitoring of active functions
  • Logbook to access data useful to the exploitation (working hours, distances traveled, average consumptions, etc.
  • An integrated diagnostic assistance tool
  • A function for extracting operating data and updating by USB key
  • A PDF file reader

Commands grouped in one point

CUBEX Mathieu MC110 armrest

The armrest incorporates intuitive work commands, controlled by CANBus. This is a keypad that incorporates short-press backlit buttons, each representing its own function, symbolized by an icon and a color code, and a joystick that allows you to control the movements of the brooms with greater freedom and precision.


Cubex-1The MC110 offers countless sweeping opportunities. Small and nimble, it travels easily throughout a city with its articulation and ultra-short turning radius of nearly 1.80m. With a height of less than 2m, it is also the ideal sweeper for cleaning underground car parks. Its sweeping system with two brooms, with a large lateral and frontal offset, gives it even more precise body agility for cleaning 90° angles and around street furniture.


25 km / h travel speed with dynamic braking system, 2400kg of gross vehicle weight, 500kg payload, 700 litre all-stainless steel skip, 14’’ large diameter wheels, one Oscillating suspension on each wheel, a voracious appetite for waste, a system of water recycling and cleaning of the grates. 


Environmentally friendly

  • A reduction in the consumption of clean water – thanks to a device for recycling wastewater from the container re-injected into the suction nozzle added to a precise dosage of clean water sprayed on the brushes and in the nozzle
  • Low emission of particulate matter into the air – 3 stars in the PM10 test, the maximum score
  • Recyclability at the end of the cycle – composed of 90% steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper and glass, the mechanical and hydraulic components are fully recyclable. Plastic parts are reprocessed by specialists
  • Low level of CO2 release – thanks to the use of powerful diesel and gasoline engines at low engine speeds and the activation of EcoMode at each start of the work cycle
  • Low noise – thanks to the choice of effi-silence technology, reduced nuisance engines and the selection of quality sound-absorbing materials, the power and sound pressure level of the sweeper has been reduced
  • ISO 14001 certification – this is the assurance of choosing a brand oriented towards the protection of the environment

MC 210 All-Season Compact Sweeper

Cubex-3 CUBEX Mathieu MC210 1 FC_1

In a world where comfort, reliability, performance and respect for the environment are the “minimum service”, the new MC210 compact sweeper sets new standards in urban cleanliness.

360° vision

The interior of the new MC210 is distinguished by its extra-low windscreen, fully glazed doors with thin strips, panoramic and wide-angle mirrors, rear view mirrors, floor porthole and his camera’s nozzle and recoil.

At the wheel, operators dominate the environment and gain height safely to enjoy record 360° visibility.


CUBEX MC210 cabinSpace has been freed up to provide 20% more volume for the driver and his passenger. Operators have a driving position that can be adjusted to any body shape thanks to an enhanced passenger compartment, wide range of seat adjustments and steering column. This provides a perfect ergonomic recipe thus limiting joint stress and muscular tension, coupled with a calm and quiet atmosphere, giving the operator a feeling of well-being and increasing productivity.

Advanced technology

Image46453Judiciously integrated in the center of the dashboard, the 7-inch multi-function color display with neat graphics accompanies operators during and even after using the sweeper. It establishes a climate of dialogue between it and the operator and offers easier and faster maintenance for technicians and better monitoring of daily operations for managers. Real-time monitoring of active functions includes:

  • A logbook to access data useful to the farm (hours of work, distances traveled, average consumption, etc.
  • An integrated diagnostic assistance tool
  • A function for extracting operating data and updating by USB key
  • A PDF file reader

The MC210 introduces innovative new work orders, driven by CANBus. This technology, derived over 10 years, has been redesigned to revolutionize scanning approach by its ease of use. The new keypads feature short, backlit pushbuttons, each representing a unique function symbolized by an icon and a color code. With this technology, operators can enable and disable Sweep mode at the touch of a button with the ‘Start & Sweep’ button. The unique multifunction joystick allows control the work movements with greater freedom and precision.


An ingenious scanning PPS system 

CUBEX MC210 PPSThe innovative push-and-pull system offers multiple application fields thanks to its integrated search system. Its independent control of the brushes provides similar benefits to a solution with three brushes (maneuverability, accessibility to remote areas). The rotary cylinder brush assembly increases the scanning system’s autonomy and operating potential by a factor of up
to 2450mm (8ft.).

Thanks to its new hydraulic system with dedicated functions, an extra large reinforced suction nozzle, a high-resistance direct suction line of large diameter, the suction power is improved by nearly 10% at low speed and its capacity of increased cooling ensure adaptability to all operating environments. A high-capacity 4016 stainless steel tank, reinforced mainframe, resized rear axle with 3.5-tonne load capacity, 16-inch premium-branded road profile wheels provide a payload of up to 400kg.

Flexibility – and options for winter use

CUBEX Mathieu SnowThe MC210 is designed to be in action all year round. With its standard front predisposition, it will become a three-brush sweeping solution, mechanical weeding, brushing-stripping, washing, or snow removal. The installation of these different work attachments takes less than 5 minutes – without tools and with ease for the operator.


  • A third broom – for treatment of congested or inaccessible areas
  • Block 3 brushes – with a wastewater collection system allows operators to renovate any type of porous or smooth floors
  • A salt spreader with a capacity of 200L
  • Rotary broom for snow removal – acts in addition to the spreader located at the rear to perform a thorough clearing of roadways and sidewalks
  • A robust snow blade – for easy clearing of snow by hydraulically adjusting the blade to the left and right

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