Wolseley Waterworks Not just Hydrants, Pipe and Valves

Not just Hydrants, Pipe and Valves…

Wolseley showroom1

Wolseley showroom2Wolseley Waterworks is synonymous with hydrants, pipe, valves, and a host of other waterworks supplies and services. However, there is more to Wolseley than these mainline product offerings might suggest.

Here we provide an outline of the ‘less obvious’ products and services that Wolseley offers to its customers:


  • Fully stocked showrooms
  • Carrying the tools and equipment necessary to work on hydrant, pipe and valves
  • Specialized tools for installation of pipe, and even rags for messy pipe lube including pipe tongs (Grabs), pipe bevellers, and levels for the perfect grade
  • Specialized equipment for testing installation of pipe from scrapers and restraining clamps, flange adaptors, including pressure testing equipment required for testing the installation of pipe and fittings
  • Complete hydrostatic testing equipment to avoid hiring third party testers. Even spare gauges for equipment in all ranges 0-60, 0- 100, 0-160, and so on…
  • Inspection tools from hand-held inspection cameras (borescopes) and inspection mirrors stand pipe augers, 2” AWWA main valve augers for cleaning out years of debris, sand and mud, and so on…
  • Specialized lifting tools for manhole covers, magnetic and manual manhole lifters valve setters and hydrant setters and even wood kits of treated lumber for the installation of valve boxes, plastic centering rings for perfect alignment of valve boxes, and valve turn indicators for buried boxes to identify direction and position of valve
  • All ranges of pumps for hydrants, excavations to sumps and transfer pumps
  • Complete line of tool totes and boxes from Milwaukee including the new line of “Pack Out” systems, including the ever so popular battery-operated transfer pump, and the full line of M18 fuel cordless tools
  • Identifying products from buried pipe warning tape indicators through to out of service markers and custom tags and labels and bags. Lock out products for valves, hydrants and manholes including inverted marking paint in various colors
  • Full line of hand tools from picks to shovels and clean out tools, trench shovels and mud shovels in various design’s and configurations. Soil probes and wheel barrels, survey stakes, and cement trowels complete all installation requirements
  • Specialized tools for cleaning out valve boxes and manholes eliminating the need for entry for simply maintenance issues
  • Industry leading tools for the installation of curb stops, main stops and water service shut off’s from Aqua Stop to super freeze kits, and all sizes of Stop It pipe repair 

Wolseley can provide solutions for customers’ sewer needs as well – and not just water….

  • Collect samples with a full line of grab samplers from dippers, swing samplers and more…
  • Chernie test ball plugs, test balls, inflatable test plug, muni ball plugs etc. 
  • Our latest exclusive partner of the manhole protector rings from H2TR are a ‘must-have’ for all manhole work – inside and out
  • Multiple brands of sampling stations for safe efficient water sampling 
  • Testing equipment for the industry from pocket Colorimeters to PH testers and even multi meters capable of multiple sampling. Wolseley has the equipment for users to meet all Provincial health regulations and Bylaws
  • Cathodic protection in all forms from wrap to paste and even anode nuts are available. Wolseley carries both zinc and magnesium 
  • Leave your gloves on the tailgate, hard hat on the roof, Wolseley also carries personal protective equipment
  • Dechlorination is becoming more and more the new norm when it comes to flushing any potable water. Wolseley is prepared to offer a wide variety of devices to meet all Provincial requirements – with many in stock

Wolseley also specializes in fire hydrant inspection and maintenance needs from Static gauges, multiple Flushing devices like the LPD-250 dechlorinating device, “The Hose Monster” in both 2.5” AMA and in both 4” NH and 4.5” NH pumper nozzle configurations. Wolseley also offers the two nozzle configurations of the Hydpro horn-style pitot flusher, and the newest to the line up of hydrant testing is the ZDe-Chlorinator/Nema 100B and the Pitot flushing elbow – to name a few.

Contact your local Wolseley Waterworks branch for more information regarding your hydrant flushing requirements. Demonstrations are available on request.