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Since 1948, Elliott Equipment Company has been building a solid reputation that, like its equipment, has stood the test of time. Its continuous pursuit of quality and performance demands adherence to a specific mission and core set of values. Today, Elliott proudly carries on the tradition that Richard Elliott started more than six decades ago – relying on people who are dedicated to the highest standards for quality, safety and durability, working to design and build the best equipment available; and to keep its customers working safely and efficiently.

Aerial Cranes

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HiReach aerial work platforms from Elliott do more than simply get crews off the ground. Elliott’s full line of lifting equipment is known for its safety, stability and customizability. A time-tested list of standard features can be complemented by the optional features your operation needs to get the job done.

HiReach truck-mounted aerial work platforms serve as multi-functional tools on an wide range of applications, letting users get more done with less equipment. These ANSI A92.2-compliant vehicles have material handling capacities up to 15 tons and work at heights from 45 to 215 feet.

For operators, a spacious work platform and superior side reach provide optimal range for conducting work. Smooth, proportional upper controls allow for precise movements and optimal machine control, without sudden or jerky movements. The fully hydraulic, cable-and-chain-free boom extends reliably, smoothly and with reduced maintenance. A point-and-shoot telescopic design makes for easy operation without tailswing. These features, in addition to a continuous swivel system and oversized rotation bearing and gearbox, help to ensure ease-of-use and a long service life.

A proven lineup of standard features plus an extensive menu of optional add-ons make HiReach aerial work platforms some of the safest, toughest, most versatile and feature-packed service vehicles on the market. Wide-ranging functionality paired with heavy-duty design means superior performance over an extended service life.

One example from the extensive range of aerial cranes is the model M43. Its new main boom material handling optimizes M43 HiReach for non-CDL configurations. Elliott Equipment Company has released a new main boom material handling option on the M43 HiReach model. The new option allows operators to lift loads using the lower turret controls similarly to Ellliott’s popular L60 and G85 HiReach models. The 2,000 lb material handling option is available in combination with Elliott’s 500 lb material handling jib winch option in the platform, providing the operator with two unique ways of handling materials. Adding a main boom winch makes the M43 model an increasingly attractive machine to companies that need non-CDL aerial work platforms with material handling features. The additional material handling makes the M43 akin to a shorter L60. It is an excellent addition to current fleets and essentially makes this a brand new product that can also replace ladders or telescopic articulated machines. Elliott was able to maintain the same outrigger setup on the M43, keeping the overall outrigger spread to 10’5”.

Key features include:

  • 48 foot working height
  • unrestricted 36 foot working side reach
  • 500 lb platform capacity
  • 2,000 lb material handling capacity
  • mounts on 19,000 lb GVWR chassis

BoomTruck Cranes

Elliott’s BoomTruck line has one of the most diverse lineup of models for lifting materials and personnel on the market. It features a range of rated capacities from 10 to 50 tons, with a wide range of boom lengths and tip heights up to 207 feet.

Elliott sales expertise allows companies in virtually any industry to customize the best equipment for their applications. Available options like telescopic jibs, detachable work platforms and wireless remote controls, and even an available digger package mean that Elliott BoomTrucks are about far more than just lifting materials.

While remaining versatile, Elliott BoomTrucks are qualified for even the most specific applications, from setting trusses, lifting coil tubing, working dockside or raising materials to height. High-capacity, single-line pull winches allow operators to lift more weight on fewer lines of rope, and a two-speed winch improves lift control and reduces cycle time. The jib extends smoothly and simply and, once the load is in place it swings freely via an available glide swing and brake or a rotation gear as needed.

Operators can be assured of comfort and ease-of-use, too, whether on the ground or in the air. Patented features like Elliott’s ‘Standup Ride-Around Control’ console, seated controls and enclosed crane cab were designed with worker comfort and safety in mind, helping to increase productivity and reduce the time spent on a single job. A number of custom options for further enhancing operator ergonomics, such as crane cab air conditioning, are also available.

An example from the extensive range of Elliott boomtruck cranes is the newly introduced 36-ton model 36142 boomtruck, which ELLIOTT claims has the longest boom in its class.

The new model is designed to serve a range of customers including those in the utility/transmission construction industry who have ongoing needs for long-reach telescopic cranes on road legal chassis that can be used for both material handling and working at height using a detachable work platform.

Key Features include:

  • 34 ft 9 in to 142 ft Extended 5-Section Telescopic Main Boom
  • 36-Ton Lifting Rating at a 5 ft Load Radius
  • Patented Standup Ride-Around Lower Control Console
  • Optional Open Seated Controls or Enclosed Crane Cab with Heater and Optional A/C
  • 9,060 lb Single Line Pull Winch with 12,800 lb Bare Drum Pull. Uses 9/16 in Rotation Resistant Steel Rope
  • Internally Wired Anti-Two-Block Cable
  • 21 ft 2 in Span Out-Down Outriggers with Full and Mid-Span Positions/Charts.
  • 600 lb Capacity Yoke-Style Pin-On Work Platform with Hydraulic Leveling System (Boom or Jib Use)
  • USA Federal Bridge Legal Final Weight on a Tridem-Axle Chassis for Convenient Rental and Transport Between Job Sites

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